Shuffle M!A's
Animal: Muse has an irresistible urge to seduce people for the next four hours.
Mama: Muse is convinced everyone they meet is their mother, and they want to apologise to her for anything they've done wrong. Lasts one hour.
Turn It Off: Muse has no emotions for six hours.
Lego House: Muse is in love for two days with the next person to leave the word 'lego' in their ask box.
Radioactive: Muse has a superpower of the anon's choice for a day.
Vegas Skies: Muse has to find one of their exes and try to convince them it's not too late. Ex can be of the anon's choice.
U + Ur Hand: Muse rejects all romantic gestures for eight hours.
Break You Hard: Muse wants to break people's hearts for six hours. Breaking up couples, making people fall for them only to reject them, anything of the kind.
Stand Up: Muse has to do all they can to try and get a person of the anon's choice to fall for them. Lasts two days.
This Ain't A Love Song: Muse is hopelessly in love with an ex of their's for two hours.
Last First Kiss: Muse has to kiss their best friend. If they do not have one, the anon can choose who they have to kiss.
No One Does It Better: Muse has to push away one person that they love, only to go crawling back to them.
Looking Up: Muse is extremely positive for four hours.
Goodbye: Muse must be afraid that everyone is going to leave them for six hours.
Keep Holding On: Muse is depressed for two hours.
Always On My Mind: Muse is obsessed with someone of the anon's choosing for three days.
The Fear: Muse only cares about materialistic possessions for a day.
The Great Escape: Muse wants to leave town. Lasts three hours.
Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me: Muse wants to get revenge on everyone who's betrayed them romantically.
The Swarm: Muse is terrified that the world is going to end. Lasts eight hours.
Standing In The Dark: Muse is invisible for a day.
In The City: Muse is extremely cocky and demands respect for the next day. If the character is already that way, they have to be so in a more extreme way.
The Kill: Muse is extremely murderous for eight hours.
Walk Away: Muse has to convince three people they love to leave them.
Funhouse: Muse thinks they're being stalked by a clown for two hours.
This Kiss: Muse has to kiss everyone who leaves the word 'unsinkable' in their ask.
Brick By Boring Brick: Muse believes they are in a fairy tale of the anon's choice for a day.
My Immortal: Muse is extremely guilt stricken and keeps remembering the deaths of loved ones. This lasts for a eight hours.
Lullabies: Muse is dying. Queue a lot of angst and misery. Lasts for a day.

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